Wine Aerator Pourer


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  • ENHANCE FLAVOUR AND AROMA — Aerate your wine to perfection and make it taste like it doubled the price in an instant! With Kitchwise, it lets you infuse your wine with the optimal amount of oxygen, so you get to enjoy a smooth and flavorful drink every time.
  • QUALITY THAT YOU CAN ALWAYS TRUST — Kitchwise’s Wine Aerator Pourer guarantees nothing but a top quality performance and durability that lasts. It is safe for use and made only from FDA approved materials. Plus, it is made with elegant design that adds a level of refinement to your wine drinking experience
  • YOUR PERFECT CHOICE OF WINE AERATOR — Includes 1 wine aerator, 1 stand for wine aerator, 1 storage pouch and 1 wine marker. Easy to use and to easy to clean.
  • WONDERFUL GIFT IDEA FOR A WINE ENTHUSIAST — Got a friend who’s a wine fanatic? Why not surprise him with Kitchwise’s Wine Aerator! This elegantly designed and premium quality product will surely be loved by everyone. Pour perfection into your glass or crystal cup, and enjoy your wine from a day’s chill drink to a special occasion.

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It is a very good product and does aerates the wine as it claims and enhances the flavour as decanting does. Very happy with the aerator .
My husband and I compared two glasses of wine. One using the Wine Aerator Pourer and the other without. We found the glass of wine we used the Aerator on was much better than without using it. The wine had a better taste, bouquet and a great after taste. I would recommend this product.
We ordered this for a silent action and it came exactly how I expected.
Great product, good price
Works well... larger than expected