Kitchwise Reusable Grocery Produce Bags Ecofriendly Bags Set of 16


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  • 🌏 SAVE THE EARTH & SAVE YOUR MONEY — Kitchwise’s Reusable Grocery Bags does not only keep your food fresh, but is also environment friendly. These recyclable bags can also work great as a beach bag, toy bag, and many more! It definitely works well for your every needs.
  • 🌱 SEE THROUGH, HEAVY DUTY & ENVIRONMENTAL- Kitchwise’s Reusable Grocery Bags is made of recyclable polyester material that guarantees nothing but a top quality performance! It is durable enough to withstand long and frequent use. Plus it is guaranteed safe for use!
  • 🐳 NO PLASTIC PACKAGING! INAUTHENTIC SELLERS AND COMPETITORS MOSTLY USE OPP PLASTIC BAGS FOR PACKAGING. THAT’S NOT ENVIRONMENTAL AT ALL. — Grab the best deal with Kitchwise’s 16 Pack Reusable Bags! It comes in different sizes that you can perfectly use for your kitchen or even for organizing. Plus it comes with a FREE holder so you can go shopping with ease.
  • 🐢 EASY TO CLEAN AND COMPACT STORAGE — Store and store! Kitchwise provides a compact storage plus it is very easy to clean! It dries quickly and does not fall apart or shrink after you dry them out.
  • ♻ COVERED BY KITCHWISE’S INDUSTRY LEADING LIFETIME WARRANTY — When you order from us, you are always protected by our no-risk, no-questions-asked lifetime warranty. Plus you are always backed up by our top-notch customer service.

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They are very good replacement for plastic bags. Even got a comment from cashier at grocery store on how nice they were! assorted sizes are nice to have also.
I am using much less plastic now which was my goal and cashiers have been complemented me on them
What took me so long to get these handy little bags! Love them so much less plastic coming into my home.
I am very happy with these bags. They are fine enough that the produce number stickers are easy to read through the bags, they weigh next to nothing and are easy to use. The cashiers were quite excited to see them and said they wished more customers would use them. Several of them came to have a look!