Hands-Free Bag Rack Clip Food Storage Bag Holder 2 Pack with Herb Striper


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  • MORE CONVENIENCE IN DAILY LIFE – Kitchwise’s Bag Holder are made of non-slip rubber base to give you a comfortable grip plus an adjustable arms that are specially designed to fit most sizes of storage bags.
  • PACK OF TWO PLUS A FREE HERB STRIPPER — Your every purchase comes with two food bag holder plus a FREE herb stripper! All of these treats in one amazing price! Herb Stripper makes working with herbs a breeze as it speeds up the leaf removal process so you can save time cooking!
  • EASY TO USE AND EASY TO CLEAN — Easily hold the storage bags tightly into place, as it frees both hands for filling! This super convenient kitchen tool is everything you need for a hassle free and the best cooking experience every time.

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This is a great little kit for helping out in the kitchen. It is nice and bright and colorful, easy to use and extendable. Even my kids are enjoying using it as it helps them with getting their lunches ready for school. If you are looking for a bag holder, this is a great product!
My boyfriend prepares his work meals ahead of time and freezes them in vacuum seal bags. He always struggles when filling them. I bought these to help him out. At first he wasn't to sure. He said they were stable and worked great. Good job Kitchwise.
This bag holder works very well for small or large zip lock type bags. For liquid items like soup I also use a canning funnel to direct the liquid into the bag. Great invention.
Just what I was looking for! Perfect for holding up my ziploc bags to put marinade in!! Gifting one and also love the herb striper. Received faster than expected which was a great bonus!
Sturdy and makes it much easier to put food into bag without the mess of holding it open.
Neat gadget. Perfect for when you do up a batch of stew, chili etc if you plan on dividing it up and freezing it. Also handy for drying plastic bags if you want to reuse them.